Check-In Guide

Here is some pertinent information that will help you organize better for our upcoming camp.  We look forward to having you at camp and giving you a great experience.



If you have a teammate or friend looking to join you at camp, please have them bring all of the pertinent info & cash directly to camp.  Spots are very limited at this point.

Register online: (Click Here)



Medical Form: (Click Here)
Waivers: (Click Here)

Make sure everyone has a signed and completed waiver.  Also, make sure you have our medical form signed by your family physician or a current school physical that specifically clears you or your child for contact sports / wrestling or unrestricted in athletics. DO NOT SIMPLY FILL OUT THE MED FORM YOURSELF; IT WILL NOT SUFFICE!  Once Med forms have been received you will get a confirmation email letting you know we received them.



Remaining Camp Balances – BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN CASH OR MONEY ORDER ONLY! No personal checks will be accepted for balances.

Please bring exact amount of balance in cash or money order made out to Pop’s Athletics,  LLC to help expedite the entire check-in process. PLEASE DO NOT bring a check for balances, or unfortunately you’ll be sent to an ATM. If you are paid in full, you would have received a confirmation email prior to the start of camp.



Check-in is at the University Towers 111 Friendly Dr, Raleigh NC (First Floor Lounge)

Time:   9:00AM to 12:00PM


Strongly suggest bringing the following:

* Linens and pillow

* Water – plenty of it!

* Snacks

* Running shoes

* Multiple change of clothes (3 shirts per day). We prefer long sleeve under armor shirts to protect against skin conditions.

* Soap, towel and Matguard (anti fugal protection)

* Mouth guards, head gear and wrestling shoes.

* We are bringing shirts and gear to sell, so plan accordingly if you’re interested in buying any gear.